Dedicated bloggers need family support

Has your family got you stuck in traffic?

Has your family got you stuck in traffic?

Does your family support the time you spend blogging?

Do they consider your writing a “hobby”?

Do they consider it a serious attempt to better yourself and the family?

“Noggers” (Non-bloggers)  need to be educated:

1) They need to know that while family comes first, blogging can be a successful way to gaining the social media’s attention.

2) Blogging is a way to make a name for yourself and to be recognized by various publishers and newspapers.

3) It is a 24 hour a day job. Writers live, breathe and sleep ideas for new posts.  It never ends.

4) There are so many aspects to writing.  Success is not found overnight.

5) It is not our hobby, it is our dream.

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4 responses to “Dedicated bloggers need family support

  1. I have worked hard as a blogger, but not seen one cent from it, to be honest. I got a few CDs from indie record labels, but that’s about it.

    Some of my family blogs (besides the missus and I), but we are greatly outnumbered by noggers.

  2. I do it as a part of the family´s income!

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